30 Reasons to Start Roller Skating

Mother and daughter skating

  1. Skating allows you to be a little bit different from everyone else. Skaters are few and far between.
  2. Skating gives you the ability to move in ways you can’t on foot 
  3. You can help people get into the skating
  4. Skating will help you manage your stress. Let your iPod entrance you and forget about your problems. Enjoy the ride
  5. Skating is social and allows you to meet many interesting people. Every day there’s skaters, old and new, hanging out in the local parks. Skating is a wonderful way to develop new friendships
  6. Skating makes you conscious of your whole body
  7. Skating loves families. Every member of the family can participate in skating. You can all visit the park or skating rink together and have a wonderful bonding time
  8. Skating can make you feel as a child. Even if you are over 70, forget about the “I’m too old for that…
  9. Skating can keep you in touch with the community. Check out your local skating events
  10. While skating, your heart and lungs become a powerful machine pumping fresh air
  11. Skating teaches you about life. Speed skating mirrors the pace of life. Sometimes you go all out and sometimes you get to ride the paceline.
  12. Skating brings your sexy back. And it’s an easy way to impress non-skaters
  13. Skating beats walking. Every time. You don’t get bored skating
  14. Skating is a great exercise. No matter what type of skating you practice, your body will greatly benefit from this complete exercise. It will keep you in shape and give you lots of energy and stamina.
  15. If you are a thrill seeker, skating is your sport. Try with wind skating, aggressive, downhill and off road inline skating
  16. With a little practice, skating can make you look more graceful than you could’ve ever imagined.
  17. Skating makes you lose stubborn fat on all the trouble spots
  18. Skating can be a dating activity
  19. Skating is a fantastic way to work out. You get an aerobic exercise, you strengthen your legs and heart. You get a vibrant energy pulsing out and down.
  20. Skating can be your little “fortress of solitude” where nothing else exists. Peace sorrounds you while you skate
  21. While skating you can explore scenic locations
  22. You can walk your dog while skating. Your pet will thank you for the exercise
  23. Skating doesn’t impact on your knees and joints
  24. Skating gives you a natural high
  25. Skating can bring back fond memories of your childhood
  26. Your skates are an exellent way to transport yourself. You can use it as a means to commute, Plus, you don’t have to pay for parking
  27. Skating is competitive. If you love to choose and fight for your goals, try with hockey, speed, freestyle or aggressive skating. Or all of them!
  28. Skating is flexible. You don’t have to follow a shchedule or go to a gym, you can do it whenever you want, day or night
  29. Skating is green! No more poisonous fumes, you are the fuel
  30. Skating makes you happy! The speed, the wind in your hair, the sense of flying. When you are skating you can’t help smiling.


Do you have more reasons for skating?

And if you haven’t started skating, give it a try!


“Such is human psychology that if we don’t express our joywe soon cease to feel it.” -Lin Yutang.

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