Checklist: Preventing Foot odor in your skates

Preventing Foot odor and fungiSkate boots and shoes odor is caused by fungi and bacteria that bread in moist enviroments. So the best way to eliminate the nasty odor is by keeping your boots as dry as you can.
Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection, so if your foot is scaling, flaking or itching then there’s a good chance that you have athlete’s foot.

Here’s a checklist of things you can do before and after skating to prevent the odor and fungi reach your skating boots:

– Don’t leave your skates in the trunk of your car until the next skating session. Be sure to take them out of the bag as soon as you get home, open them with the tongue out and let them air out overnight. But do not “over dry” your boots, like putting them too close to a radiator, since this can lead to cracking.

– If you keep your skates in a locker because you can’t carry them around, put a moisture absorbant tub on the locker shelf and place a Silica gel dry pack inside each boot. If you own a cat you can try putting a tube sock filled with kitty litter instead. It absorbs humidity and bad odors just as well. But keep your boots far away from your cat 🙂

– Have plenty of socks. Try buying them in bulk. Gold toe socks are ok, or try with knee high socks if you have inline skates, so that your skin doesn’t touch the boot and give you a rug burn.

– Wear a pair of clean socks to skate in, and have another pair of fresh socks for after. Don’t use with your shoes the same pair of socks you used while skating.

Superfeet Insoles– If you go to rinks, never walk barefoot on the rink carpet. It’s the fastest way to pick up germs and move them to your skate boots and shoes. Fungi itch and spread fast so be careful. Athlete’s foot on your groin is not fun, so better safe than sorry.

– Use a good foot powder or spray. Spray your feet and boots frequently, this discourages most bugs from calling your skates home. If you already have fungi, Dr. Blaine’s Tineacide Foot And Shoe Spray is excellent. But hold your breath while spraying this product, it’s very strong. If you are allergic, check the product bottle for active ingredients since some of these products, like peppermint foot sprays, are known to cause allergic dermatitis reactions.

Skating barefoot? That’s a big NO. It’s the best way to make your boots stink. Your feet sweat as you skate and your skate absorbs that moisture and it’s a cycle from then on. Athlete’s foot is a result of moist so always try to keep your boots dry and avoid skating barefoot.

– If your skates already smell, you can replace the thin insole inside each boot with Odor-Eaters insoles or with Superfeet Insoles which are specifically made for skates and cycling. Also check with your skate vendor since some skates come with washable insoles.

– Getting regular pedicures (don’t laugh!) can help you with odor and fungus. The dead skin on the bottom of your feet attracts bacteria like a magnet.

And for your skating bag, place some dryer sheets in it to absorb the bad odors and keep it always fresh.


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