Choosing the best Skating Socks


One of the topics that pops up frequently in skater conversations are feet and socks. What kind of socks do you prefer? Do you use any specific product for feet odor? Do you get blisters?…And it goes on an on. There are the ones who suffer from foot odor, those who don’t have that problem but have a sensitive skin. Some get blisters easily, and others seem to have leather instead of skin because they never have these mundane problems with their feet. Lucky them…
If your problem is mainly the foot odor, check this other post on how to deal with smelly boots and possible Athlete’s foot.
Since there are as many kind of feet as are skaters rolling around, there’s no one golden rule. And every skater has their own opinion about which socks are best for skating.

So here’s what works best for me:

I’ve tried with cotton socks but they don’t work for me. I can wear them when I am not skating, but when I am, my feet get dampy and I don’t like the sensation of wet socks inside my boots. Cotton takes forever to dry and this moisture is an excellent place for fungi and bacteria to grow. Besides, they lose their shape fast and I like a tight sock inside the boot.

Some skaters use knee-high nylon stockings inside regular socks, but I don’t like them either. My feet usually don’t sweat thaaat much, but if I wear nylon stockings they will stay cold and clammy for as long as I skate.

I found it best to wear double socks. A short ankle-high sock inside a knee lenght one that will prevent the boot from touching my skin. And both made of a synthetic but breathable material. Double layer socks also help me prevent blisters because there’s no more friction between the socks and the feet, but between the two socks. And it also helps me fill the boot better, but that depends on your type of skate and the shape of your feet.

If you don’t feel comfortable with double socks, you will have to experiment a little. Try with stockings, some people really like them. And also try with socks tha come with extra padding, they are really helpful for those who get blisters easily.

And always bring a pair of fresh socks for after skating.

Hope it helps!

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