Choosing the right Aggressive Skates

If you are planning to start with skating and you feel aggressive skating is right for you, here are a few excellent skates to get you started, and a few tips to help you make a good choice.

First of all, you should decide what you want to use the skates for, whether it’s primarily freestyle street skating, grinding or ramp skating.

If you are a complete rookie, choose a pair of skates that allows you to change the wheels and bearings easily so you can switch out larger and smaller and harder or softer wheels as you start to skate on different surfaces and try different techniques and tricks.


K2 Fatty Pros

If you are starting with aggressive skating, the K2 Fatty Pros are an excellent choice. All of the skates in this post are excellent products, but these ones aren’t super pricey, and when you buy a K2 skate, you know you will get the best quality and a smooth ride.

The latest Fatty Pros 2012 model features 55mm / 88a wheels and ABEC 5 bearings. These skates are durable, fast and lightweight.
Available in sizes 6 to 14, and around $170. Check them out »


K2 Fatty Pro Skates


Razors Inline Aggressive Skates

The Razors Cult Street Red Aggressive Skates is the latest model of Razor’s most popular aggressive skate design. These skates work extremely well for skaters doing grinds and gaps. And they have a great design and increased durability.

They feature a replaceable frame, an articulated ankle shape and excellent heel support. They come with fiberglass reinforced 42mm anti-rockers with aluminum spacers. The Backslide Plate is replaceable and comes with a perfectly positioned groove for immediate out of the box use. It protects the boot and like all other parts of the skate can be replaced when worn out. The skates come with a set of allan wrenches for the wheels and frame.
Wheel Configuration: 56mm – 42mm – 42mm – 56mm / 90A durometer.

Razors Cult Street Red Aggressive Skates 2012
Razors Cult Street Red Aggressive Skates 2012.
The price is around $140, depending on the store.  Check them out »


Rollerblade Solo Estilo SB – 2012

These skates are sweet. They have everything you need for high performance aggressive skating, and more.
They feature a 60mm – 42mm – 42mm – 60mm / 88A wheel configuration for improved speed, SG9 bearings and 47mm plastic anti rockers for optimum grind space.
The “anti rockered” wheel setup places larger wheels on the outside to retain speed and smoothness, and smaller wheels on the center to supply a huge grinding space.

This model is made of Bio-plastic, made up to 60% renewable raw materials, to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance. And all the hardware parts (cuff, sole plates, and frames) are removable and replaceable.
Recommended for advanced high performance skating.

Rollerblade Solo Estilo SB
Rollerblade Solo Estilo SB – 2012.
Around $300; they are a little pricier but they are well worth it!
Check them out »


Remz Inline Aggressive Skates

Remz has not been present for as long as the other skate brands, but it has definitely made an impact. Remz skates are one of the top choices among aggressive skaters. This is because they offer a wide selection of inline aggressive skates with top quality, design, shape, and durability. You should definitely consider Remz skates.

The Remedyz OS.3 team skate model has been redesigned with a widened lacing system with a quick lock so you can put them on fast. They have a compact fit around the foot, and its materials stiffened for support and control. They also feature customizable ankle support and a brand new quick-release liner to let you customize them easier than ever. The OS.3 is engineered for experienced skaters but suit beginners alike. They have very high quality construction. And they look so cool!


Remz OS.3 Aggressive Skates

Remz OS.3 Aggressive Skates. Around $150. Check them out »


All of these brands make great skates. So it’s all about choosing the best skates for you. What will you be using them for? Do you like tricks? Do you like freestyle street skating, grinding or ramp skating? Do you want the fastest skates possible? Focus on these questions and you will choose your skates wisely.

Cheers, and skate safe!

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