Am I crazy to take Inline Skating at my age..?

Inline roller skatingIf that is the question, I would have to respond with another question… And no, the question would not be “And what is your age?” But rather, “Why would you like to start with Inline Skating?”

You want to Get in shape? That’s excellent! No matter what your level is, with Inline/Roller Skates you will definitely be on the good path. Roller skating is an excellent exercise, specially for your lower body. It will give you great tonification, plus a lot of cardio if you alternate slow pace with high speed rolling. It’s been proven that roller skating causes 50% less impact on your joints than running. So there’s something less to worry about. With in-line skating there’s a risk that you are going to fall and break your wrist. The benefits however are it’s a minimal impact, it’s probably going to be a more aggressive workout from a calorie burning perspective, and it can really be a lot of fun.So you can have the benefits of jogging without the wear and tear of your joints.


Whant to meet new people? That’s another excellent reason to take roller skating. Roller skaters usually gather in specific spots to share stories and have a blast with their rollers. Why not join them? Overcome the initial shyness; just grab your pair of roller skates, head to the nearest rink and kindly ask for some tips to the local folks. If you are very shy you can always look for roller groups on Facebook, make some chit chat and let them know you’ll visit the spot  beforehand.

Want to win the next roller slalom? …Well, that’s a tricky one. If you have never even tried roller skating but you are the adventure seeker type, I’d say go for a ride -or roll- and see if you like it. There’s a pleasure in roller skating that I personally don’t find in other sports. And it’s not about winning anything. It’s the morning slide watching the trees and listening to music or just the birds singing. The wind blowing past my face while I exercise without even noticing it. And the pleasure of chatting with friends while you slide carelessly through the winding roads of your local park. And just sort of the grace of it. Cheesy I know :p

See, I didn’t even ask what your age was. Just get the proper protection gear and get on with it! Don’t give up if you fall a few times. It takes some dedication for beginning skaters to build coordination and confidence from scratch, but it’s still possible to do no matter how old or out of shape you are. The only limits are your fears.

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