Inline Rollers, the basics

Those are the basic parts of a modern inline roller.

Inline Roller

If you are looking to buy a pair and you are a newbie, here are a few tips:

– There are lots, I mean lots of inline roller brands and models. Make up your mind, taking into account your needs. What kind of rollerblading are you planning to do? Recreational, racing, hockey..?
Compare before you buy. If you go into a store without knowing what you want, you’ll probably be taking home something that is not your right fit.

Roller Size matters a lot. If you a re buying at the store, try them, see that they fit you perfectly. Also ask for a pair of socks. If the rollers are too big, your feet will be sliding inside the boot and you will lose balance. And if the rollers are too small, you will suffer a lot! Blisters in your feet and crooked fingers are not fun. When I was a newbie, I made the mistake of buying a pair of rollers too big for me, and then I would always have to wear at least 2 pairs of socks so the boot would grab my feet tight.

If you are planning to buy online, you can take a look at the size charts. Measure your feet and buy accordingly. And if possible, choose a vendor that offers free returns for rollers.

– There are also a lot of wheels to choose from. The good thing is that you can replace them whenever you want. If your budget allows it, buy a pair of rollers that come with good quality wheels. If they are no good, your rollers just won’t slide. Ok, I guess you will exercise more, but having fun is also important.
Have a look at the size of the wheels compared to the boot.
If they are small, the rollers are probably made for “aggressive”
skating. This means stunts and tricks like jumps, grinds, slides and flips.


If the wheels look really big compared to the boot, the rollers are made for racing (radical). The bigger the wheels, the faster you can go in less time.



And last, but not least, do pay attention to protection. It’s just as important if you are a newbie or if you are an experienced roller. Buy protective pads for your elbows, wrists and knees. And a good and colorful helmet. You don’t want your brain scattered on the pavement. Really!



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  1. Two of my grandchildren are on inlines in northern Indiana. I appreciated the article on foot odor….dryer sheets for the skate bags are an excellent idea and the kitty liter in a sock sounds like a good idea as well.

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