Outdoor skating in NYC

Here is a list of good trails in New York to join other skaters or do some solo exercise:


Westside Greenway Path

Westside Greenway Path

Along the West side of Manhattan island, right beside the Hudson River.
The distance is about 13 miles from the Staten Island Ferry to the street access by the George Washingon Bridge.

No steep climbs/downhills  except for the street from the GWB sidewalk access entrance up to Fort Washington Ave.



Central Park - Big Loop

Central Park Big Loop

The big loop is 6 miles and a perfect trail to train for big events. If you don’t feel comfortable skating downhill you can take the 102 cutoff.

  • Full Loop: 6.1 miles
  • Upper Loop, taking 102nd St. cutoff: 5.2 miles
  • Lower Loop, taking 72nd St. cutoff: 1.7 miles
Central Park closes at 1am and opens at 6am, 365 days a year.


George Washington Bridge to Central Park

18 miles of gentle to moderate trail with great views crossing the bridge and along the Hudson. Start points:  Fort Lee, NJ, Central Park, Manhattan.


East River Esplanade NY

East River Esplanade

It extends from north of the Queensboro Bridge north to the Triborough Bridge -63rd St. to 125th. The esplanade is primarily surfaced with hexagonal bricks and is very skateable.
It can be a very secluded skate so be cautious about skating it alone after dark.


Wards Island and Randalls IslandWards Island and Randalls Island

To reach the island(s) by skate, you have two choices, the walkways along the Triborough Bridge to Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens, or the pedestrian bridge which connects to 103rd St. in Manhattan.
Wards Island Park is a more pleasant skate than Randalls Island Park. It’s much smaller, but the lanes are generally in better condition, there are more trees giving you shade and reducing the wind it has a more scenic view.


Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Hilly internal loops and restrictions on auto traffic.



– Tavern on (the) Green meetup
– Union Square Park on every Wednesday night from April through November. Event starts at 7:45pm, to leave at 8pm and ends at 10pm. (http://www.facebook.com/wednesdaynightskate)

You should bring your skates, a helmet and wristguards. It is strongly recommend that you wear full protective gear (knee and elbow pads and elbow pads in addition to the required helmet and wristguards), as street skating can be unpredictable. And wearing highly-visible clothing is always a good idea when skating at night.


The Law

City and state laws for inline skaters are like those that govern bicyclists. You must skate with traffic not against it and obey street signs and lights.

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