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So you are slowly getting into this whole new world of roller skating. And you want to look good in the process right? But, before you continue reading, check my previous article on what to wear when roller skating, that one covers the basics.
Now I want to review some cool apparel you can wear. Clothing is all about personal taste, so I’ll try to throw some general ideas and then you can check the stores for other models that suit your taste. All of the featured stores specialize in skates and general sports, so you’ll find something you like for sure!

T-Shirts & Sweatshirts

I’ll start from the top.
When I roller skate, I don’t want to look super sporty or have the complete skater look; that’s just not my taste. So I go with t-shirts and sweathshirts I will be comfortable wearing every day and are also suitable for sports.
Becker Surf has a good selection on surf apparel and boards but they also offer some good stuff for outdoor sports. I specially like their catalogue of t-shirts for the guys. They look good, they are not too hawaiian-surfer like and they have all the good brands like O’Neills, Quicksilver and Billabong.


Skating - T-shirts

Becker Surf t-shirts


For the gals, like me, I prefer the Tactics t-shirt collection. They are sexy but not too much-and they don’t look like you’re heading to the gym, so unless you are running a skate marathon you’ll be good.
For more intensive training you can check out Danskin. They have beautiful tops and jackets that are affordable and have a moisture wicking mesh that’s perfect for working out.

Women Skate T-shirts

Tactics T-shirt collection for women.


 Spring 2012 Rush Jacket

Moisture wicking performance jersey.
Spring 2012 Rush Jacket by Danskin. $52


Pants, Shorts & Tights

Pants are a little trickier. You can wear any t-shirt or sweatshirt, but pants are crucial when you are roller skating. If you are not an experienced skater, try to avoid those super wide pants with low waist. They may be popular among experienced skaters, but they will get in your way and you will multiply by 1000 your chances of falling on your butt. And also avoid cloths that will give you a rug burn between your thighs. I found these Patagonia zipp-off pants for men that are perfect for skating. In case it’s too hot, you zip off the bottom and voilà, you’re wearing shorts.  

Patagonia Zipoff pants 2012

Patagonia Mens Roving Zip-Off Pants 2012. You can find them at Summit Sports for $89.
And at Amazon you cand find the Patagonia Mens Rock pants,
that are pretty much the same but a little bit wider to avoid the feared seam crack.


Active Leggings

Active Leggings by Danskin

Reebok - Easy Tone Capris

Reebok Easy Tone Capri


If you are a girl, a pair of tight fitness pants or good looking shorts will do the work. I personally prefer running tights; I feel comfortable wearing them and I don’t risk showing too much while practicing new tricks.

Cotton and Lycra ankle leggins are a good choice for any kind of workout for the skater ladies. Danskin’s Active Crop leggins are about $25.

And one of my favorites, the Reebok’s EasyTone Fitness Capris. They have ResisTone bands designed to create resistance as you move. They look stylish and they maintain their shape well after several washes.






Etnies online shop is the place to start if you are looking for shoes. They have dozens of skate shoes models and almost all of them come in a variety of colors to choose from. The most popular ones are the Etnies Fairfax, you can get them for $55. And you can find other models for less than $25. If you are one of those who arrive at the skate park walking, these are an excellent choice. Comfortable, reasonably priced and fun.

Etnies Fairfax - Black / Blue/ White

Etnies Fairfax, Black / Blue / White

And there’s always the classics, VANS and Converse. BuyAndWalk has a huge selection of these brands, and a big plus is that they offer free shipping and free returns, always.

Casual Sneakers




Rollerblade SocksCoolmax knee lenght socksYes, SOCKS. I pay a lot of attention to socks when I skate. And if you don’t want to get blisters all over you should do the same.
I usually wear double socks and avoid cotton socks by all means. They take forever to dry and that makes skate boots the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria. So try to buy your socks from a sports retailer, there are antimicrobial and spandex socks specially designed for sports. Rollerblade has a line of socks of their own, the Cush Kruzer, specifically made for skaters, check them out. They have extra padding to take some impact off your feet, they are seamless and will keep your feet dry.
If you don’t want your skin touching the boot, try with a pair of knee-high coolmax socks.

After the helmet and protection pads, socks are THE most important part of your skating outfit.


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