Roller Skating – What to wear

Roller skating is a great exercise and most of all, fun. And it’s even more fun when you are roller skating with friends. If you want to look good and be comfortable while doing it, here are a few tips:

– Know that when rollerskating, many people tend to look at you for two main reasons: how good you are with your rollers, and how good you look. So the first thing you might want to do is learn or practice a little bit before attempting in public. At the beginning you will be falling on your butt quite often, so being comfortable is a must. Also, if you are a lady, avoid deep clevavages unless you want all the eyes on you. When you roller skate you have to bend your knees and torso to the front to keep your stability.

– Wear something that you feel comfortable in. Colorful tank tops, logo tees, and short shorts are always good. Personally, I love tights. You can wear a long sleeve or thermal tee if it is chilly. And remember, sweat stains aren’t cute. Also, be sure that your pants won’t give you burn because of the sweating and constant rubbing between your legs.

– Butt out. As I said, it’s all about bending your body forward. You can try sticking your butt out a little. So too small shorts can make you feel uncomfortable while practising your first slides.

– If you fall often, or you think you might since you are a newbie, you may want to wear long pants to avoid getting injuries to your legs, specially your knees. Add a protection pack to your gear. These packs often include elbow, wrist and knee pads. You can check for protection packs here.
Often-times, un-experienced and even experienced skaters think they can get away without wearing protective gear with awful consequences. You may think it’s not “cool” to wear pads, but it’s a lot less cool when you have to deal with skin scrapes, cuts, bruises, or worst of all, a broken bone.

– Helmet. A helmet is a must every time you skate. It’s the most important piece of safety equipment. Bicycle helmets are better than nothing, but you should invest in a helmet designed specifically for inline skating. If you think will not look good wearing a helmet, check the variety of colors and shapes you can choose from >>

And if you are looking for really cool apparel to stand out from the crowd, check our new Apparel section.

Enjoy, and Skate safe!


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