Inline OUTDOOR HOCKEY SKATE 80mm 93a Wheels / Bearings / Spacers KRYPTONICS



Size: 80mm
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SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR LONG LASTING PERFORMANCE ON OUTDOOR SURFACE! This right here is the best way to completely outfit your skates with an awesome upgrade. Includes everything you need to tune your skates (Wheels, Bearings, Spacers). The wheels are 80mm 93a, the perfect hardness for outdoor hockey, and feature the micro hub design which cuts down on weight.

The bearing package included with the wheels is the Kryptonics Formula One Package. It includes 16 bearings, and 16 spacers (contains 8 spacers for 8mm axles and 8 spacers for 6mm axles so either way your covered!) Kryptos formula one bearings are made to exacting specs and are the perfect compliment for any set of micro hub inline wheels.

The 688 bearings are significantly smaller than regular size(608) and thus save on weight. Removable alloy shield and derlin retainer for easy servicing – Derlin retainers for lubricity, high spin ratio and speed – Chrome steel SAW 52100 races for durability – Ultra smooth race and surface finish – Speed Oil lubricant. Lighter than normal bearing by 16 grams each. Reinforced materials for increased durability.

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