Labeda Fuzion 688 Mini-Hub Inline Wheel




By fusing together two very distinct urethanes the Labeda Fuzion creates one incredible ride. It starts with a large, hard urethane disc that provides a very thin, hard wheel feel with extreme stability. You’ll feel like you’re skating on the thin inner disc. The newly developed outer urethane provides unmatched wear resistance. If you want a lighter, faster, better gripping and wearing wheel, you just found it! * Wheel fuses two distinct urethanes * Inside is a large, hard urethane disc delivering extreme stability and quickness * Outside urethane formula provides great wear resistance and gripping power * Fast, narrow profile * X-Soft 74A for use with indoor hockey * Compatible Bearing: 688 Mini-Hub * Mini-hub bearings generally allow for faster acceleration * Feels unlike any Labeda wheel made to date * Sold individually

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