Skate Bearing Maintenance by K2


What you’ll need:

– A K2 Tool
Citrus Degreaser or Acetone
– Cloths to cover the surface
– A deep container for soaking
K2 Ultra Light Skate bearing gel
– A pin, for bearing shield removal



  1. Remove the wheels, keeping all the hardware in one place
  2. Remove the bearings. For standard spacers use the bearing pusher on the K2 Tool
  3. Remove bearing shields: for standard bearings pop the C-ring with the pin. Then remove the shield
  4. Soak the bearings for a few minutes. Then left to dry.
  5. Once dry, add gel to the bearings.
  6. Put the shields back on.
  7. Pop the bearings back in each wheel. For a quick job add gel to the outside of each bearing.
  8. Put wheels back on.
  9. Go skate!



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