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Videos: Learning to Skate – Part 2

Check out these videos by K2 that will show you some basic skills you are going to need to make skating not only fun but very easy, and will help you build the confidence as well.   Skating Stance One of the first steps in skating is to have a proper form in stance because it makes a difference between you being on your feet and upright, or on your butt. This videos shows you how to be on your “ready position”. First, you want to make sure your weight is on the balls of your feet the whole time, NOT your heels or you are going to fall on your back side. You have to keep your knees bent and soft; the softer your knees are the more they are going to work with you. You also have to keep your chest up, your elbows in front of your rib cage, and you have to keep looking up and not at the ground.   Stopping your Inline Skates This video shows you how to stop your... [read more]

Videos: Learning to Skate – Part 1

Here are some useful videos by K2 to improve your skating techniques.   The Swizzle The tracing of the wheels on the ground has to create the form of a football, you have to move your feet in and out.   Alternating Swizzle It’s the same as the regular swizzle but you only do it on one side at a time. You have to put all of your weight on one leg while the other leg draws a half moon.   Slalom The key to slalom is to use your heel wheels for pushing off and to keep your feet close together   Legged or One foot Slalom It’s a very advanced move. You are going to have to hit your inside and your outside edges each time in order to maximize the power.   Mohawk It’s a transition move from backwards to forwards or forwards to backwards. Your head and your arms will stay in the same position, and you will do this move on your inside edges and only... [read more]

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