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Urban Skates vs. Recreational Skates

Urban skates were created out of a demand for skates that were ready for various environments; for skaters that leave the park and use them more like an alternative transportation. Urban skates are a mixture of  aggressive and recreational inline skates, taking the best of both worlds. First let’s take a look at the urban skate features:     And now, let’s compare them with recreational skates.   Recreational Skates Urban Skates Use Recreational skates are excellent for skating on a park or rink. They can also be used for fitness and speeding. Designed for going through various environments -to travel through cities and sidewalks- which may be too much for a recreational skate, and would be too slow with an aggressive skate. Urban skates are designed with additional features to aid to comfort, lightness, stability, and performance. They stand... [read more]

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