Top 10 Mistakes of Beginning Inline Skaters

And lots of advanced skaters, too!

Roller skating looks so easy…may I add, when done by an experienced skater.They just put one foot in front of the other and roll. Just like walking… Yeah, right. But remember, you weren’t born walking. You had to learn how and in the process you spent a considerable amount of time on your backside.
Learning to skate isn’t quite as difficult. But to save your backside — and a lot of other sensitive areas (like your ego) — avoid these common mistakes of beginning inline skaters:


1. Wearing Skates That Don’t Fit

So you are going to use your friend Bob’s size-12 skates on your first day out? Forget about it! You wear a size eight. You will be swimming in those things. You’ so shaky you’ll have trouble standing, let alone skating. So do yourself a favor: start with skates that fit!


2. Going Down Hill Without a Prayer

Going down hill is such fun! All you do is point your skates in the right direction and roll. Whee! … Whee! … Kaboom! … Don’t make the mistake of  rushing into hills too quickly. New skaters must practice hill abstinence. Just say no – to hills! At least until you’ve learnt how to stop.


3. Skating Without Protection

This must be the most common mistake of every newbie.
Would you make french fries naked? You could, but with serious risks to your private parts right? So, if you want to save your skin and bones, Don’t even think about hitting the pavement without your protective gear. It might even save your life.


4. Too Fast Skates

Big wheels, low-cut boots. They look sexy? You’re out of your mind!


5. Marathoning on Your First Day

So you’re a champion and want to prove yourself you can do this. Well, Don’t try to skate 26 miles on your first day out. … Unless of course, you are comfortable dealing with a lot of pain the next 2 weeks.


6. Being a Trail Bozo

There are rules of the road, even on the bike trail. Ignore them and you are likely to get flattened. Know the rules before you hit the trail! Skate with the knowledge that everybody believes they are the king of the road. So be prepared to make room for trail hogs. And, while you’re at it, set a good example by making room for others.


8. Becoming an Unstoppable Object

You sure look pretty standing there in your shiny new skates. Once you start rolling, you’re most likely going to hit something hard and at full speed if you don’t know how to stop. So, Learn to Brake!


9.  Know your ability.

Don’t take chances on a crowded trail. If you’re not sure about a steep downhill, start at the bottom and work your way up. When in doubt, leave it out!


10. Don’t use headphones on a crowded trail.

Skating to music is fun but very risky. It makes it harder to hear the sounds around you. Like that cyclist who wants to pass or that pit bull hiding in the bushes. Using a cell phone while skating is just, well … let’s not even go there.

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