Urban Skates vs. Recreational Skates

Urban skates were created out of a demand for skates that were ready for various environments; for skaters that leave the park and use them more like an alternative transportation. Urban skates are a mixture of  aggressive and recreational inline skates, taking the best of both worlds.

First let’s take a look at the urban skate features:


Urban Skate Features


And now, let’s compare them with recreational skates.


Recreational Skates

Urban Skates

Use Recreational skates are excellent for skating on a park or rink. They can also be used for fitness and speeding. Designed for going through various environments -to travel through cities and sidewalks- which may be too much for a recreational skate, and would be too slow with an aggressive skate. Urban skates are designed with additional features to aid to comfort, lightness, stability, and performance. They stand the rigors of city skating.
Boot / Shell Recreational skates come with comfort boots that provide a good fit and performance. Urban skates plastic hard shell boots have an added protection, breathability and comfort. The firm boot offers good support like the aggressive skates.
Wheels Recreational skate wheels don’t differ much from urban skate wheels, thought they may come in larger sizes for skates specifically made for speeding. Urban skates have smaller wheels that offer a stable landing for jumping obstacles. But are large enough to gain a decent speed. Aprox. wheels 82mm or larger.
Frame Recreational skate frames usually accept very large wheels. This gives the fastest speed and smoothest ride. Urban skates usually carry shorter frames for maneuverability. The shorter frame lets you control your feet in crossovers and tight situations. The wheels are closer together.
Straps Skate closure systems will vary from skate to skate but they usually combine standard lacing, ratchet buckles, and quick lace systems. New K2 skates come with the Boa closure system. A velcro power strap on top gives the urban skates some extra support like the one you find on a ski boot. This offers adjustable support that can withstand the elements and the abuse that comes along with everyday skating.
The ratcheting power strap is similar to the one found in recreational skates. It will pull your heel back and offer an additional support that really gives the foot a wrap feel.
Liner Recreational skate liners are soft boot like socks which slide into the skate boot and are commonly made of Lycra and nylon for added wear and comfort. They usually incorporate some type of foam for comfort. Not all of the recreational skates have removable liners. You can take the liner out to add padding, clean it and access the bolts for the chassis. The shock absorber is found underneath the liner and offers a few extra millimeters of soft shock absorption to ward off bruised heels and add extra comfort.


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