Videos: K2 Skates Women’s

K2 Alexis BoaIf you are planning to buy a pair of awesome K2 inline skates and you haven’t yet decided which one of them, here are some videos to help you choose the perfect pair.

My opinion, and I am sure it’s biased; all of K2 skates are awesome! They are super light, the boot is comfortable, the wheels slide like butter, and the best of all: the K2 Boa lacing system.

The rest is up to you, and your specific needs, and that depends on which type of skating you are planning to do. Fitness, recreational, speeding…


And after watching the videos check out our catalogue of K2 women’s inline skates »



K2 Alexis


K2 Alexis Boa


K2 Andra


K2 Athena


K2 Escape W


K2 Celena 90


K2 Celena 90 BOA


Pro Longmount


Radical 100 W


Check out our catalogue of K2 women’s inline skates »


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