Videos: Learning to Skate – Part 2

Check out these videos by K2 that will show you some basic skills you are going to need to make skating not only fun but very easy, and will help you build the confidence as well.


Skating Stance

One of the first steps in skating is to have a proper form in stance because it makes a difference between you being on your feet and upright, or on your butt. This videos shows you how to be on your “ready position”. First, you want to make sure your weight is on the balls of your feet the whole time, NOT your heels or you are going to fall on your back side. You have to keep your knees bent and soft; the softer your knees are the more they are going to work with you. You also have to keep your chest up, your elbows in front of your rib cage, and you have to keep looking up and not at the ground.


Stopping your Inline Skates

This video shows you how to stop your inline skates using the brake. Pay special attention to the distance between your feet, they should be close together. And your weight should be on you back foot so you can pull up the toe of your right foot (brake foot).

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Using your edges

You have to bring your feet as close as you can, your knees bent, and your edges slightly on the outside.


How to fall

You need to know how to approach falling on your inline skates, because you will fall at some point. But you can control HOW you fall.
If you stay stiff you are going to create the fall and you will probably fall on your back which hurts! But if you bend you are going to get a lot more control. You have to lower your center of gravity bending your knees, grab them with your hands, and if your are still falling down, put your hands on the ground.


Stride and Coast

Striding and coasting are the basic elements of rolling. The first step is turning your feet to form a V, push one foot, then the other, and them pull them together, and repeat the process.



Once you know the basic moves and how to stop, you will want to know how to play with your edges a little bit more.
Swizzles are good for fun and also to workout, and they will help you understand your edges.
You start with the ready position and heels close together, and push out and then in again using your inside edges, forming a diamond shape with your skates.


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