Videos: Learning to Skate – Part 1

Here are some useful videos by K2 to improve your skating techniques.


The Swizzle

The tracing of the wheels on the ground has to create the form of a football, you have to move your feet in and out.


Alternating Swizzle

It’s the same as the regular swizzle but you only do it on one side at a time. You have to put all of your weight on one leg while the other leg draws a half moon.



The key to slalom is to use your heel wheels for pushing off and to keep your feet close together


Legged or One foot Slalom

It’s a very advanced move. You are going to have to hit your inside and your outside edges each time in order to maximize the power.



It’s a transition move from backwards to forwards or forwards to backwards.
Your head and your arms will stay in the same position, and you will do this move on your inside edges and only your skates and your heaps will move. The goal is to keep your upper body quiet.


Backward Crossover

Crossovers are done in a circle. Open you arms as if you were hugging a tree in the middle of the circle. Place your feet on the inside edges -called A-frame-, bring your feet close together, cross right over left, and then return back to the A-frame position.



It’s an artistic move done with one leg. You have to put your arms out, your free leg out and tip forward.


Toe Roll

You have to put your feet in a parallel position, scissor your right foot back, lift your heels and then begin to shift your weight back a little bit, so it’s evenly distributed over your front and back foot. You can then serpentine your feet by moving to an inside or an outside edge on your front foot.


Cross behinds

It’s done completely on your outside edges. You have to rotate your head, shoulders and heaps. The placement of the free leg for the cross behind is done in a 45 degree angle to the support leg.


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